I'm a Software developer..

I like to code, I love Python, currently learning Rust, I could also presume my knowledge about GNU/Linux and Git.

I'm a software libre advocate...

I like contributing to opensource projects, promoting free software, and volunteering in some non-profit projects.

I was part to CUSOL UIS, and currently I'm a volunteer in Python Colombia.

I'm a wannabe polyglot..

I speak Spanish (mothertonge), English and some French, and currently learning more languages (Japanese, Esperanto...)

I'm an avid learner

In my free time I like to read, and learn new stuff, from general knowledge to philosophy but especially astronomy (I even have a Carl Sagan rag doll). My hobbies rank from origami and papercrafts to cycling

So.. In this blog I'm planning to write a bit about all of it ^_^